#Unpopular #opinion: This rule applies to practically any industry that sells a product or servi…

#Unpopular #opinion:

This rule applies to practically any industry that sells a product or service:

1. High Quality Product or Service
2. Personal and Helpful Support
3. Low Costs or Efficient Results

You can have only two of the above, without resorting to bankrupting an entire small nation.

In my 30ish years of working, owning businesses and working support, I have never once seen this rule broken without severe consequences for both the provider and/or the customer.


A high quality product, with good direct after sales customer support, is never cheap, nor is the process very efficient.

If you want a product or service something as efficiently as possible, then you have to sacrifice either personal care, or quality, otherwise the provider cannot make enough profit to survive.

And if you want understanding and helpful customer care, as well as a cheap product, the quality of the product has to be lowered to meet basic profit margins.

The same can be said for programming and development:

If you want a good game, at a cheap price, then you cant expect the company working on it, to be great at customer service. They have to focus on developing and testing the game to make it as good as they can. You’re going to have to forgive them if they get a little annoyed at answering the same silly questions over and over again, or if they occasionally use words you don’t like out of pure frustration.

If you want a cheap game, and you want the developers to be all fluffy with honey soaked words and answer every little question you have in a personal and understanding way, then the quality of the product is likely to suffer, due to the extra time spent on looking after your needs.

If you want a good game, AND good support, then you’re going to have to pony up the dough. You’re also going to have to wait longer for the work to be done, as better support generally means better bug reports and more testing, and more direct contact with developers, therefore more development time.


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