@reitoei it works, unfortunately there are a few glaring issues. It's definitely not on par w…

@reitoei it works, unfortunately there are a few glaring issues. It’s definitely not on par with the Android client, but hopefully more progress will be made. I had issues with copy/paste in particular, as there is no QR scanning available, it was the only option to be able to add contacts. It works if you have a keyboard and mouse, but touch and hold to highlight/copy doesn’t work (or didn’t the last time I checked). Also, it doesn’t keep alive the modem/internet, and notifications are sporadic at best. Last time I tried it there were no forums or blogs either. Obviously, these issues are likely to be resolved in the future, but my biggest issue is non transferable accounts. I can’t have the same account on multiple platforms, like my phone, laptop and desktop. I have heard it was something that was on the ToDo list, but I’m not sure how far away that might be. Make sure to let us know your experience with it as well! Everyone in the #PinePhone community will be quite interested in how it works for you! 👍


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