#PSA Just been doing some research on the #NexDock360 – I'm not sure how I feel about this. …


Just been doing some research on the #NexDock360 – I’m not sure how I feel about this.

I was initially really excited by the prospect of a dock to go with my #PinePhone, and I had my mouse pointer hovering over the Pre-Order button.

It seemed like a perfect match, but I got to thinking the old adage “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is”, so I poked around.

The #NexDock social media hasn’t been updated or posted too, since October last year. That’s a LONG time in technology terms. It raised a bit of a red flag.

There are no community pages; wikis or forums (with the exception of Reddit). The Twitter and Facebook accounts are dormant, and the Reddit moderator hasn’t posted about the NexDock for over 5 months.

There seem to be a fair few people who did not receive their NexDock at all, or it didn’t get tracked. Not a good sign.

And finally, the clincher – It’s a rebadged #AliExpress special. And to make it worse, the AliExpress model looks like it’s gone through a couple of revisions and might actually be better quality!

I’m disappointed to say the least. 😭

So now, I’m instead thinking of purchasing the AliExpress model. It’s slightly cheaper, it’s in stock, and I actually KNOW the risks, as opposed to buying a rebadged version from a boutique company who hasn’t exactly been forthcoming about their products origins.

@PINE64 – Perhaps you might want to reach out to them and find out what they’re doing.

See for yourself – It’s Identical:



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