Ok, so Ive had my #PineBook Pro for almost a week now, and I'll be completely honest, it'…

Ok, so Ive had my #PineBook Pro for almost a week now, and I’ll be completely honest, it’s fucking #brilliant!

While there are definitely shortcomings, I can see myself using this as my daily driver for the foreseeable future. Here are the good and bad points I’ve come up with so far.

The Good:

– Screen #resolution and sharpness is awesome
#Keyboard has excellent travel and key rebound, and practically no deck flex
#Charging over USB-C makes for amazing #versatility. I can charge it with my Phone Battery Bank
– The outer shell is strong and is beautifully simple
– It’s so slim and small, it fits in the Tablet pocket of my backpack
– The passive cooling never makes the base too hot to touch
– It’s more than #powerful enough to write #documents and #spreadsheets on
#Video in #Firefox is fine, but anything over 480p starts dropping frames
– Writing documents will only sip at the #battery, making it last for hours upon hours
#Syncing with the #PinePhone via #KDE Connect works pretty well

The Bad:

– The plastic surround of the screen feels loose and bends easily
– The plastic deck heats up quickly just from body heat, and makes your hands feel sweaty
– The keyboard isn’t exactly aligned, and a couple of the arrow keys catch on the deck, making it feel like the keys are stuck
– The #webcam has no software controls, and is very dark. If you increase the brightness, or shine a light on your subject, it works, but saturation is far too low. Driver issue maybe?
– Video in Firefox can drain the battery very quickly
#Graphics #corruption can get quite annoying on the default #Manjaro #ARM #KDE edition, be sure to install #mesa-git, but it only marginally improves the situation


If you’re #writing a ton, like scripts; articles; reviews; websites etc, it is the perfect portable #tool, with a comfortable keyboard, and all the utils you need to get going.

If you’re writing web #code like HTML and CSS, it would also work out really well as a tool to take with you to clients, or on the road.

This is great way to get your thoughts out and into the digital realm. It might be a great utility for accessing #Social #Media, Chat protocols like #XMPP and #Matrix, or just doing online tasks.

For its price, it has already proven its worth to me, I do NOT regret my purchase. #PineTime is on the way! w00t!


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