@magnargj All good buddy. I'm still experimenting myself. I've managed to get #Peertube…

@magnargj All good buddy. I’m still experimenting myself. I’ve managed to get #Peertube; #Cloudtube and #Pleroma working well in #AngelFish. Using the Web Apps, they hardware scroll nicely, and 720p video playback is pretty smooth. Uploading to PeerTube is possible, and uploading pictures to Pleroma also works well. Cloudtube really makes a simple frontend for YouTube, so I can still get my LTT fix. Oh, and Notifications work from Web Apps as well. Worth a try, if you’re up to testing things out. I got #Kaidan working for XMPP as well. It’s still a little slow, but it works 🙂

The only thing left is figuring out how to use #Protonmail on a Linux Phone.


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