@linmob @PINE64 @talkpine @purism I hear ya. I get both sides of the equation. Developers and en…

@linmob @PINE64 @talkpine @purism I hear ya. I get both sides of the equation. Developers and engineers absolutely hate having to “babysit” non technical people, and users hate feeling like they are being talked down too, or that the people they’re asking for help are being patronizing.

I come from an IT customer service background, and know that no users care about blogs; wikis; forums of knowledgebases. We need a real alternative. I seriously think a middle ground is needed to translate back and forward between users and developers. This middle group can explain how to find logs, how to note error messages, how to find kernel versions, find out what carrier they’re with etc. That way, the devs can focus on what is important, and know that the information they are receiving is relevant and complete, rather than bits and pieces.

If there was enough interest, and a few good volunteers, I would literally create a dedicated support group of knowledgeable people to be a support group specifically for FOSS projects like the PP and Librem. Being the go-between for a few of the core distros like Manjaro; Mobian etc.


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