If anyone is interested, I've been making a real effort to move to more #OpenSource and #Priv…

If anyone is interested, I’ve been making a real effort to move to more #OpenSource and #PrivacyCentric platforms. One of them is @session

While it doesnt have a strong feature set, and is yet to be security audited, it does have a promising future. I’s missing things like live voice chat, and screen sharing, but it does support Images; GIFs, Files, Emoji and even voice messages. It’s a good start, but not quite the Discord replacement I would like to see. Hopefully, they’ll look into more competitive features in the future.

If you’d like to add me, you can get Session from https://getsession.org; Google Play; FDroid and direct download for Mac; Linux; Windows and more.

Shoot me a message, and I’ll DM you my Session ID. Have a great weekend everyone!


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