How to Support Me

So you wanna support little ol’ me and my crappy streams? Hell yeah! Good on ya! There are multiple ways you can help me out, and all of them are listed below. Every option listed, gives in stream alerts, so you will definitely be noticed, and at the very least, get a shout out from me 🙂

The simplest and most obvious way to support me, is via financial donations. This is the primary form of help most people prefer, so you can help out using the following methods (clicking a link will take you directly to the correct page):

  • Cryptocurrencies – This is my first choice, as all Crypto is a direct payment into my account. So if you prefer Crypto, then I’ve got you bro. 1upcoin backs onto the Coinbase API and allows direct Crypto donations. They have a lot of options available, including BTC; ETH; LTC; BAT, XLM and others. Worth a look if you have a couple of coins floating around 😉
  • BuyMeACoffee – This is a platform similar to Patreon, but without the politics. The folks are nice, and the platform is clean and efficient.
  • StreamLabs – Pretty common among streamers, StreamLabs is a Streamers First platform, that allows donations; merch and other options for monetization.

An alternative to donations, is the option to purchase a membership. This will be charged monthly, and will be a continued support for any and all content I create going forward.

  • BuyMeACoffee – Remember to change the menu on the right hand side to “Membership” 🙂
  • Twitch Subscription – Not my first choice, as Amazon like to hold on to your money as long as possible, making it near impossible to withdraw any funds. However, if you have an Amazon Prime account, you can subscribe to my channel for free!

Another alternative would be hardware and/or software donations in the form of keys (Steam would be the best option). How do I donate stuff I hear you say? Easy!

  • My Wishlist – Over at Newegg, I’ve been trying to keep an up to date wishlist, with all of the things I need to update/upgrade, so I can keep working on my content. All of these things will be required at some point, to keep moving forward. My current build is over 5 years old, and is badly lagging behind. Some parts can be used in a second machine for storage and/or transcoding video.
  • Steam/Software Keys – Keys for upcoming games is great! And any I already have can go towards giveaways, so these are always welcome. 🙂
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