@Horizon_Innovations honestly, while I would love a DIY solution, and it's definitely my pref…

@Horizon_Innovations honestly, while I would love a DIY solution, and it’s definitely my preference, the reality of the matter is that a lot of the time a pre-built solution is far more convenient. If it’s just me running everything, then I need to decrease my workload as much as possible, so I can deal with more pressing matters. In a Team, a custom solution is likely a better option. But it’s only my personal preference. Off the shelf also works better for SMB solutions, as they like the idea of manufacturer support, and can write it off their tax bill easier. The lower cost of individual parts means they aren’t able to be written off, the threshold here is $600 per part, but an off the shelf solution is classed as a single item. This means a total bill of $5000 can be written off in one go, keeps the accountants happy 😊


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