Hey all! If I were to run a #PinePhone #Photography #Challenge or #Competition, would anyone be …

Hey all! If I were to run a #PinePhone #Photography #Challenge or #Competition, would anyone be interested?

If there were enough interest, I’d even be willing to run it as a weekly challenge.

The rules would be simple:
* Photos must be of the subject described
* Photos must be taken on a PinePhone
* No editing is allowed (with the exception of rotation)
* One entry per person, per week

An example of a subject may be something like “Your Best Friend”, which could be your pet dog, a selfie, your partners hand, or your best drinking buddy downing a cold glass of beer.

Or maybe “Minor annoyances”, which could mean a misaligned kitchen tile, a parking ticket, or a hole in your sock.

Basically, I’d host a place to upload the pictures, and everyone could vote on them, with the winner either getting the recognition for the fun of it, or if I can find a way of doing it, a prize for coming out on top.

Any takers?

@linmob @PINE64 @talkpine

The general idea is to promote the #Pine64 PinePhone, and perhaps gain it a little more attention as a fun device. Also, bringing more attention to the #camera and #megapixels app, which I would like to see get a little love ☺️


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