@devinprater I'm sorry to hear of this. Unfortunately for your friend, the #Pinephone is stil…

@devinprater I’m sorry to hear of this. Unfortunately for your friend, the #Pinephone is still listed as a beta product, and you can’t blame @PINE64 for something they have no control over. They only manufacture the hardware, they don’t develop the OS’. There is also a clear and highlighted warning on the Pinephone product page “Beta Limited Edition PinePhones are aimed solely at early adopters. More specifically, only intend for these units to find their way into the hands of users with extensive Linux experience.”

The @mobian team on the other hand, are not only a small independent team of developers, but they are also further behind other projects who are working on Phone OS’, like Manjaro etc. They only just had their upstream distro release a major version, so they’re working at pace to keep up. As a point of interest, it’s not #Mobian at fault either. #Phosh is the default “desktop” used by Mobian, which is developed by #Purism I think. They would be the ones to approach about accessibility issues. I see you’ve posted a link to the GitLab, that’s about all you can do, short of contributing to the development directly.

While I feel for your friend, the onus is on the user to research the product they’re purchasing. The warning was given, and I’m not sure if it could have been made more clear. OS development is still in the very early stages.


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