@aarongarcia – That's great news! More instances = More Decentralization = A more resilient …

@aarongarcia – That’s great news! More instances = More Decentralization = A more resilient network! Welcome to the Admin club!

A couple of things to note – Pleroma is a lot lighter on resources than Mastodon, but it also does things very differently. It’s arguably easier to administer, due to being slimmer and less reliant on other background services. The down side is that it has a very simple interface, and isn’t as extensible out of the box. I love the simplicity though, and I like that it supports OTP out of the box, where Mastodon still struggles with its implementation (last time I looked was quite a while ago, so they may have solved it by now).

Backup your server! Oh dear god, I cannot overstate this enough! Daily if possible! I have lost days of data, and at one point an entire server due to my own negligence. I struggle with backups even now, but it’s something you should really think about. A RAID array on your host system isnt enough. If something goes seriously wrong with the underlying OS (say a broken update) and you dont have a backup – You will kick yourself later!

Peertube can be light or heavy on resources depending on how it’s configured. If you disable all transcoding, then there will be minimal resource usage. But it means that any viewers of your content will be stuck with only the resolution the video was uploaded at. So if you upload a 1080p video, then even those who have very slow connections will have to wait for it to buffer every few seconds to be able to watch it. Also of note, Hardware transcoding like Intel QuickSync and nVidia nvenc are not implemented at all, forcing all transcoding to be done on the CPU. Also, if you opt for WebTorrent compatibility, your videos will be re encoded anyway, and likely double the storage space required as well.

Good luck mate!


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