@aarongarcia – That's a difficult question to answer without a lot people getting upset. I&#…

@aarongarcia – That’s a difficult question to answer without a lot people getting upset. I’ll give it a go though. Please be aware, that this is all generalisation, and it doesn’t apply to any one person.

American People – Generally, I find them quite nice to deal with. They tend to be a little on the brash side, outspoken, and mostly like feeling superior or correct about any given subject. I’ve not met many truly humble Americans, and while they can be quite giving, there are some who try to use their “altruism” to gain social clout and want to be lauded for those actions. They mostly have strong personalities, and aren’t great at taking constructive criticism. I find them hard to work with, because I don’t suffer fools, my patience wears thin around them rather quickly. As a group, they are quick to judge, and are hard to approach when they’re in groups. I’ve had very little to do with Native Americans, so can’t offer an opinion. However, from what I gather, they have a very similar social and family structure to the New Zealand Maori. As a Maori myself, I can relate. This is not to say that this opinion applies to all Americans, just a large portion of those I have met over the last 40 years. I also get a little annoyed with the chants of “U.S.A” and “FREEDOM!”

American Politics – I find it horrendous. The people involved seem to be completely inept at best, and disgustingly corrupt at worst. The worst part about it, is it has infected the mindset of the general population. It causes them to fight amongst themselves, all while large corporations literally low key plunder them for information that they can monetise for massive profits. Politicians and CEO’s get massive handouts, while the Government pays out a kings random in funding when said corporations fail. The economy seems to be crumbling; food production is at an all time low; worker apathy is extremely high; employment rates are low, and worker pay rates are ridiculous. While this is happening, the general public spend their time on whinging about Democrat vs Republican ethics.
If they’re fighting each-other, then no-one can see the corruption of the government and its associated branches like the Police; FBI; CIA and NSA. Healthcare is absolutely brilliant, if you can afford it, which most cant. Tipping as a method of paying employees is horrific. Tax rates are also extremely high, so high that it makes it almost impossible to live on minimum wage. Student loans are killing the future of the next gen of workers by throwing them into massive debt, and universities are creating a group of hyper skilled people who can barely balance a cheque book.

America, the Country – The shear size of the country is mind boggling. It seems to have a lot of interesting scenery, and landmarks. I’d love to travel there and see some of it with my own eyes one day. I don’t imagine I will get the opportunity, as prices are so high, it would prohibitive. Perhaps one day. 🙂

Again, not targeting any one group of people, nor am I saying this applies to all Americans. Just a general observation from my own point of view.


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