@aarongarcia I hear ya. In my "de-googling" process, I'm trying to be more patient,…

@aarongarcia I hear ya. In my “de-googling” process, I’m trying to be more patient, and lower my expectations to be more reasonable. I’ve been spoiled by the instant gratification of services that were always available and just mostly worked. I kinda feel that the quirks and the extra issues I have to deal with are the price I have to pay to claim back the ownership of my digital footprint. I’m getting there slowly, and loving exploring the limits of my skills. 😊👍

PS. Peertube is mostly hosted by individuals on low power machines with limited bandwidth. If you’ve got a powerful server and lots of unused bandwidth, it’s actually a whole lot faster! Also, the more people watching the same video, the faster it gets!


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