@aarongarcia Hey! So you're self taught! That's awesome :) I know what you mean about D…

@aarongarcia Hey! So you’re self taught! That’s awesome 🙂

I know what you mean about Domain Names. I had to let a few go last year, because I loved how I could use them, but it was getting little on the expensive side, and my wife gave me funny looks until I agreed to let a few go. LOL

I also used to run a Diaspora instance many years ago, but that was the server I accidentally lost due to negligence. It was my own fault. The people I was hosting were understanding, as I was still only learning at the time. But years on, I am now much more careful about what and who I host. For now at least, both of my services are solely for me (while both being publicly viewable), and until I am happy with the work flow and their stability, I wont be opening them up to outsiders.

As for the character limit, the 500 character limit on Mastodon, is a superficially imposed limit. It is capable of much more, but I think the developers were going for a more “Twitter Like” experience for its users. Pleroma has a customizable limit. Mine is set to 5000 characters 🙂


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