A Luddites opinion on why the #FreedomPhone is likely to fail: The Freedom Phone seems to be try…

A Luddites opinion on why the #FreedomPhone is likely to fail:

The Freedom Phone seems to be trying to position itself as the Privacy Respecting, Conservative friendly, open platform of the future. Politics aside (I have no opinion on this particular subject), I can see some fundamental flaws in the approach they’re taking.

– The phone is manufactured by Umidigi, based out of Shenzhen, China. This brings up questions around the supply chain and hardware security integrity
– The sale pricing is about $500, far above the hardware purchase price of around $120. Where does that $380 go?
– It seems to use a mishmash of various separate editions of Android, including AOSP, Lineage and Graphene. Android in all of its different flavors, is not, and never has been a platform that is designed to be privacy respecting.
– The company behind the phone does not seem to have a history in the industry, and having such a young man (22 years old I think) at the head of a company, makes me wonder about its longevity and long term stability

To be clear, I’m not judging Erik (the young man running the show), or the way it is marketed.

My concern is more about the ability for this device to actually achieve what it claims to, and that it could provide a false sense of security to it’s user base. It doesn’t seem to address any of the common security issues like SMS; GPS; Modem; DNS; Profiling, and Encryption etc.

What is your opinion on the Freedom Phone from a technical standpoint?


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